Referral Program

Earn additional income pursuing one of your passions

Our Referral Program offers our customers a great way to earn bonuses for sharing VBit's products and services with people they know.

There is no purchase necessary to join VBit’s Referral Program. If a mining package is purchased, the package holder qualifies for a higher bonus. Please refer to the table below for more information:


There are two types of instant referral bonuses that are paid for every mining package sale. The first instant referral bonus is an Instant Referral Bonus paid for a customer’s referral. If you refer a customer to purchase a mining package, you will recieve an instant referral bonus based on the mining package you currently have and the package that your referee has purchased. Please refer to the table below:

Instant Referral Bonuses


VBit offers two types of residual income bonuses. Customers that uses a referral code will receive 10% more hashpower to their purchased packages and the referrer will receive 10% hashpower bonus based on the purchased package.

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